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  • Custom Caregiver Report Samples

  • Manage your school and library in the Cloud. MUSAC software empowers Primary & Secondary schools to:

    • Support Student Achievement
    • Synchronise School Communities
    • Streamline School Administration

    The Student and Library Manager products are Cloud solutions, for easy access from any device. They're built with Microsoft technologies for high reliability, powerful data security and insightful school administration.​


    MUSAC makes moving from your old SMS to the EDGE Cloud fast and easy.


    The MUSAC Services team has a proven toolkit of data conversion programs and has migrated hundreds of schools onto our EDGE Cloud platform. Bring ALL your student and library data with you when you move to the MUSAC Cloud.

  • EDGE Library Manager

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    The EDGE Library Manager documents availability and assignments for every resource in real time. Libraries can become true resource centers, focused on enhancing learning experiences and keeping students actively engaged. EDGE Library Manager allows all staff members access to the information they need when they need it, ensuring that positive library experiences help students learn and return.

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